let’s spice this blog up a bit… (tmi alert)

I think we’re ready to get back into the swing of things. haha

Last night, a former swinger hook-up sent me a video of his wife getting double teamed, and was like, “This could be you if you would just throw out a date.” So I ran to show D, and he was like hell yes, so a date has been given. Dude was like, “Oh so now I have your attention…” Yes. Yes, you do. We’ve been messaging about hooking up again for months now, but D and I have been on an extended break from the lifestyle. Also, life has just been crazy and complicated the last couple of years. There is never any time. All the weekends are always accounted for…etc.

We have something else in the works, too, with another couple. Should be a good time.

Life is short. Be a ho.


what a weird life we lead

Just got a Facebook invite to a small party being thrown by a new friend.  There are only 13 people on the invite list. The text of the invite says (in part):

We have a few rules but the main thing to note is THIS IS NOT AN ORGY! (Next time, I promise). Wait, I lied… the main thing is consensual touching only. Ask often! 

Gotta discuss it with the husband, but I kind of want to go. I’m ready to meet some new people. We met the couple hosting a few weeks back at N’s birthday party, and they were really cool.

#laterblog & also #drunkblog

I wrote this last night while I was drunk-high and forgot to post it. Just ran across it, and it made me laugh. You’re welcome. 🤣

I want to fuck this couple that my very good friends absolutely hate, like so much so that I worry it will cause a problem, so I have to make a choice, and I choose our friendship obvi. But it sucks because I want to fuck this other couple, particularly the female – which is sorta new to me – my first real life female crush! I mean, I’ve had sex with women before, but I’ve never actively pursued one. Her husband is…fine. Basically, I’d take a pounding from him to get to her. These are the things I can say now that my family (hopefully) doesn’t read this anymore. Lol lol lol

the situation

A combination of:

blow jobs
hand jobs
dry humping

It’s like being a virgin again.

At least I can get the husband off. I’m not allowed to even orgasm on my own. So frustrating.

We have a few more weeks of this nonsense to go.

My next follow-up appointment with the doc is 5/31. Fingers crossed that I’m given the all clear that day.

I think you’ve mistaken me for

someone interesting. It boggles my mind that so many people read this blog, but I’m pretty sure the stats don’t lie, so… Hi! You should say hi sometime. You know you want to! 

And because it’s Truthful Tuesday:

  • Sex with virtual strangers is fun. 
  • I’m def bisexual. 
  • The dude from the other night had a porn dick and there is such a thing as too big. 
  • But…he’s on the shortlist of dudes who have made me cum. 
  • It’s funny how you can revisit something with a new partner and everything is different. And by different I mean better. D makes everything better. 😍 *heart eyes for days*
  • It has been a little over five years since the great marriage break-ups of 2012, and, for the first time, I can honestly say I don’t feel guilty anymore. I’m over it, and I hope they are too. 
  • I do recognize, however, that it’s easier for me to be over it since D and I are the big winners here. 
  • Which sounds smug as fuck, I know, but…
  • Some people think I share too much of myself here, but they’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck about what most people think. 
  • See what I did there. Full circle, bitches. 

And it’s all I can do…

to keep from laughing at how absurd my weekend has been. We somehow worked-in both 1) an epic seven hour game of D&D, and 2) some insanely hot group sex. My life is shaping up to be pretty fucking awesome. 

What’s funny is that immediately after #1, we got into a huge, ugly, drunken argument that turned into us both crying and carrying on like dramatic, hysterical assholes about basically nothing, and then we woke up the next day laughing at ourselves. It has happened before. It will happen again. And honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s so us. It’s simply a side effect of living life so passionately.