These silver glitter t-strap heels are my new favorite shoes.

Also…we’re in moving hell over here at the law firm.

But I’m in a fantastic mood today. Ain’t nothing gonna get me down. I’m fucking killing it today, dude.

They’re here!

They’re so soft and feel very high end. My only concern is that my feet may be too narrow for these. I guess we’ll see.

The box comes with a super cute headband wrapped around it.

It’s the little things 💙

walking in my shoes

I just ordered my first pair of Tieks. (I say first because I already have my eye on the pop pink pair, which will be mine if I end up liking the pair I just ordered.) I bought this pair in obsidian black, because I love the patent black and the croc imprint combined. Matte black just seemed very boring by comparison.

I’m super excited for them to get here. They are pricey, I know, but I’ve read so many good reviews. Eek!! So excited. There are sooooo many color/print choices. I could see myself becoming obsessed.

Speaking of shoes, I recently saw that Keds has a new line that was designed by Kate Spade. There are a pair of silver glitter Keds with white ribbon laces that are super adorable. They’re only $95. I’m considering ordering them, though I just don’t know how often I’d actually wear them. I’m not really a Keds girl. I don’t typically rock the tennis shoe look. I know with certainty that I would wear a pair of silver glitter Tieks, however. Besides, you can’t wear Keds to court. Well you could, I suppose, (I once saw a female attorney wearing Crocs in court, istg), but eww.

Oh and speaking of cute shoes: I have an absolutely adorable pair of pale pink Mary Jane heels that I am dying to wear, but I need this fucking rain to stop already.  I’ve been living in my $20 black wedges (from Payless) recently because those things are basically indestructible.

I could keep talking about shoe fashion forever. I love, love, love shoes.

I recently had a male colleague comment on my stiletto heels and ask why women wear shoes like that just to impress men. I laughed, and informed him that, if I’m trying to impress anyone, it’s definitely other women, not men. Men don’t know shit about cute shoes.