Wake up…time to shop!

Purchased from my bed, in the dark, at 5:45 am, thanks to an instagram ad:

There is a glitter version too, which I may get if I end up loving these. Mary Janes are my signature shoe, and my current black pair have seen better days. I love the chunky 90s style heel on these. And really they had me at “velvet with jewel detail” lol.

The 90s called…

And they want their overalls back. Haha.

She loves them. I pointed them out to her and paired them with the Hogwarts shirt, and she exclaimed, “I love shopping with you. You get it.”

That’s a pretty major compliment from a 13 year old. ❤️❤️❤️

Amazon ftw…aka the reason the mall is about to shut down

A few weeks ago, when Frey and I went to go see Annabelle Comes Home, we saw the trailer for the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie. I’m super excited about it, because I was obsessed with those books as a kid. OBSESSED. My love of horror runs long and deep. Lol.

So anyway, I just ordered the set via Amazon so I can read them (again) before the movie comes out on 8/9. I lost my copies ages ago.

Since I was placing an order anyway, I went ahead and snagged this game that’s been sitting in my cart for a bit. This will definitely be put to good use at our next party.

Speaking of parties, I think I’m going to downsize the guest list next time. 30 people is about 10 to 15 people too many. It’s overwhelming, and I can’t spend enough time with everyone. By the end of the night, it’s just me, my husband, and our main crew anyway. Those are the people we have the most fun with.

Key West shopping to-do/goals

  • The Mile 0 sticker for our car. We’ve earned it! We’ve been calling it the road master badge. Haha.
  • D wants a vintage map of the Keys to hang in his study.
  • Sometime tonight we need to pick up white tees and a black marker. Why? We’re trying to beat Boggs tomorrow, baby! (You Sunny fans will feel me).
  • A pair of bold earrings. My new thing is to buy earrings on every trip.
  • New bong. Because duh.

TJ Treasures

If you love cilantro and jalapeño then you absolutely need this in your life. It’s off the charts good. The flavor is bold and fresh. So fucking delicious. I’ve been using it as veggie dip, steak sauce, and sandwich spread. I’m absolutely obsessed.

This bbq sauce is also fantastic. Great flavor and a spicy kick.

my tj list (so far)

  • flowers (hopefully they still have peonies!!)
  • cauliflower crust cheese pizza
  • pork bao
  • green goddess dressing
  • banana date nut bread crisps
  • ghost chili bbq sauce
  • cedarwood & sage cleaner
  • frozen egg frittata
  • ultra hydrating gel moisturizer (gotta try it)
  • buffalo style hummus
  • avocado tzatiki dip
  • rose vinaigrette