I got my feet on the ground and I don’t go to sleep to dream


  • The busy season is almost over. I can tell it’s winding down. I’m both happy and sad about that. 
  • I’m pretty sure my law partner signed me up to run for a leadership position in our local bar association.  I’m not thrilled, but recognize I need to do this kind of stuff if I ever want to be a Trustee and/or Judge. *sigh*
  • I’m so not a people person. 
  • I received notification today that I beat back a rather difficult objection. It was withdrawn yesterday.  Winning is the best feeling.
  • Work is a bit boring lately. I need someone to fight with or sue or something.


  • Tonight starts my long weekend with my kiddo. I’m trying to think of some fun activities for us to do. I hope the weather cooperates. 
  • Tonight both of my loves will be with me: Jackson and the bf. <3
  • The bestie and I had a good time last night. We talked out all of our stuff. She makes everything better.


  • My oncologist’s office confirmed that my blood work came back with no abnormalities. However, they want to have a CT scan just to be sure. 35-year-old cancer survivors are serious business. Dr. Naughton doesn’t play. 
  • My stomach problems are still very much a concern. I pretty much feel nauseous constantly. It sucks. It’s almost like morning sickness, except I’m not pregnant.
  • Well I hope I’m not pregnant…
  • I have come to the conclusion that being an adult = being constantly tired.


  • It’s a Fiona Apple sort of day.
  • I’m really enjoying Girls, Better Call Saul, and The Walking Dead.  Can’t wait for April 12th: GAME OF THRONES SEASON FIVE!!!!!
  • itsjustcarrie reminded me this morning that we need to get on planning the Hawaii trip. I can’t believe honoluluorbust and kakopygian are getting married. *squee*
  • I’m not loving this book I’m reading.  Hate that.
  • I finally set up voice mail and synced my work email & calendar to my new(ish) cell phone. I already regret this decision.
  • My tooth hurts. Kind of a lot. I’m having pain pills for lunch.

The state of things right now

Things that make me happy:

  • Being reunited with Jackson.
  • The yummy dinner my bf made tonight.
  • Tomorrow is Friday.
  • This month’s ipsy glam bag.
  • Landline by Rainbow Rowell (currently reading)
  • Birthday cake.
  • The current state of my savings account.
  • The cooler temperatures in STL this week. Love it.

Things that confuse me:

  • People posting their personal drama on Facebook and then getting pissy when other people start commenting on it.
  • My clients.
  • The fact that I’m really tan. (Well for me anyway). Obviously I understand how this happened, but it has never happened before in my 35 years of life. Why now?

Things that make me sad:

  • The end of vacation.
  • The number on my scale this morning.
  • The fact that I need to throw away the leftover birthday cake tomorrow.

state of me

I got a new phone.  Goodbye iPhone 4S, and hello Galaxy S4.  I’m liking it so far,  but it’s quite the adjustment. I’m thankful that my bf is around to teach me how to use it. 

I’ve had an emotional week,  like seriously experiencing all the feels. 

This time next week,  I will be recovering from reconstruction surgery.  And it will be almost one year since my diagnosis.  I can’t even…

Everything is so busy and overwhelming.  I’m tired all the time.

All I want to do is sit around and read.  I’m reading obsessively.  I’ve taken to spending lunches alone so I can read.

Speaking of which, I’m reading The Ruins for the second time (first time was in 2008),  and holy fuck I forgot how much I love this book. If you dig horror,  it’s a must read,  imo.

I’m on the last season of Breaking Bad now,  and I’m going super slow because I don’t want it to end (and because I’m waiting to watch with the bf). But once it’s finished I get to start the last season of HIMYM so all is not fucked. Really loving Netflix right now.

Need to catch up on my Walking Dead and Kenny Powers too.

I had this overwhelming feeling of nostalgia earlier in the week.  It made me cry.

Divorce is a strange thing.  It takes someone you know better than anyone else,  and turns them into a complete stranger.

I’m starting to freak out about 6 weeks of no running or really any exercise .  But I’ll be recovered in time to start training for the half in April,  so silver lining. Oh and soft boobs and all that jazz.

Tomorrow I get to go with Jackson on his first field trip ever,  and I’m so excited.