Finally decided to try this newish place in the CWE because who knows how much longer I’ll have an office around here.

I got the spicy tuna bowl. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s nothing close to the poke I had in Hawaii, but this is high quality shit considering we’re in fucking Missouri.

I’ll def order again. Especially since GrubHub delivers it!

Staycation night 1

  • Drinks with friends at the Chase Club. 
  • Dinner at The Tavern.
  • Dessert at Bissingers.
  • Back to the room sort of early for sex and sleep. It was a long, brutal week. 

I saw a wedding party getting their pics taken when I was checking into the hotel, and it made me feel very excited about my own wedding. I got a little teary eyed even. This is the hotel we will be staying at on our wedding weekend so I’ve been scoping out fun places for pics. It was also fun to have drinks at the Chase Club and know that in five months we will be hosting our after party there. The reception may end at 11, but the fun doesn’t have to…haha. 

eclipse planning

I just purchased safety glasses for the family so we can view the solar eclipse on August 21st. Saint Louis is in the path of totality. I’m so excited!

My office will be closed that day so we can all have a chance to view the eclipse. We have had it on the calendar for a while now. Haha.

Find more info about viewing in Saint Louis (and related events): here.

OMG it’s going to be so cool!!!

Oh and I bought my glasses here. Very affordable.