Just a glimpse

Jackson’s school was called off today because of bad weather, so I brought him to court with me so he could get a glimpse of the lawyer life.

I couldn’t pick just one photo so you get them all.

First stop: 7th floor for bankruptcy court.

As a special treat, I took him to the 28th floor, where the court of appeals sits, so he could check out the amazing views of the arch.

more snow talk

Last night, D and I were talking about his days living in Michigan. He was describing the weather there in detail, and just how much it snows. He hates winter, so he always says he hates Michigan too.

(We went to visit Michigan once in July, and ended up sitting outside for dinner, next to a space heater!! I loved the weather up there because I hate summer. I hate being hot).

But my point is that while snow is a common occurrence up north, in STL it’s still somewhat rare for us to get big snow storms like this, and that makes snow feel delightful and magical to me. I’m grateful for that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let it snow!! ❄️❤️❄️❤️


  • I’m having fun with all the snow puns. Haha.
  • It started yesterday afternoon and it hasn’t stopped.
  • We spent our afternoon yesterday by the fire, reading, and watching the snow fall while two cardinals flew around. It was beautiful.
  • I had a hard time sleeping due to what I call snow glow — the room was bright despite the blinds being down. Normally I use my phone as a flashlight to get to and from the bathroom in the middle of the night, but that was not necessary. I could see clearly.
  • Bizzy is so happy. This is the most snow he has ever encountered in his life, so he’s outside frolicking. If you want to see pure joy, watch a husky running around in the snow…though it’s less running and more hopping because of how deep it is. It’s adorable.