Miracle STL

Miracle was kind of meh, which was a bummer. I wasn’t expecting Christmas themed cocktails to blow my fucking tits off or anything, but they were so awful that we bailed rather quickly. 🤢

They were delightful looking though:

Seriously though: awful tasting.

city adventures

We met Ann & Rob for dinner on the patio at Square One tonight. It was so good to catch up!

On the way home, we decided to stop at Union Station to check out the new ferris wheel.

And then we drove the 35 minutes home with the top down. It was a perfect night for it.

It was a great night. ❤️

about last night : out and about with C&J

The four of us have been talking about it forever, and finally made it happen: champagne and oyster night. We met them at Blood and Sand, which is this swanky little craft cocktail restaurant off Washington Ave.

I didn’t get any pics of our food, because I was living in the moment, and forgot. 💜

It was good though. Very good.

After dinner, we ended up in a cutesy little champagne bar over in Lafayette Square.

And eventually headed upstairs to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, where I had somehow never been previously. It was incredible. Just the smell alone was worth the trip.

As always, the conversation was amazing. They just get us.

We’re already planning the next get-together.

Shit is getting cray over here

It’s getting so dark that the street lamps are on at 12:20 pm, and the crazy wind just blew down a bunch of tree branches.

Bonus Terissa pic. Lol.

I told the girls there is no way I’m going down into that roach infested demon basement, so I guess maybe I’m going to die if severe weather forces us to take cover. Lol.


This jersey got us a lot of attention, like we couldn’t even stop at a gas station without having a long conversation with a stranger about it. The response at the rooftop bar, while very positive, was so overwhelming that we decided he should change before we headed out to all the chaos on Broadway. Lol. It was a good plan.

Lots of people hate Boston. Haha.