Shit is getting cray over here

It’s getting so dark that the street lamps are on at 12:20 pm, and the crazy wind just blew down a bunch of tree branches.

Bonus Terissa pic. Lol.

I told the girls there is no way I’m going down into that roach infested demon basement, so I guess maybe I’m going to die if severe weather forces us to take cover. Lol.


This jersey got us a lot of attention, like we couldn’t even stop at a gas station without having a long conversation with a stranger about it. The response at the rooftop bar, while very positive, was so overwhelming that we decided he should change before we headed out to all the chaos on Broadway. Lol. It was a good plan.

Lots of people hate Boston. Haha.

New (to us)

We finally checked out a place we’ve been meaning to try last night: 21st Street Brewer’s Bar. It was a super cool place, and we will def be back.

We don’t hang out in the city as much as we used to, because (1) we don’t live there anymore, and (2) we have a dog, which complicates things. I work in the city, and we used to just meet down there after work, but that’s not so much an option anymore because of Bizzy. We live like 45 minutes away so that doesn’t help either. We need to figure it out though, because we’re losing our street cred. Lol. There are so many new places we need to check out.

Our friends (A&R) were telling us about a cool new wine bar last night, so the plan is for the four of us to hit that up asap.