dammit, janet

Inexplicably, I ended up on the floor last night, cuddling Bizzy, and singing “Dammit, Janet” to him.  He was not impressed.

My favorite part:

Oh it’s nicer than Betty Monroe had! Oh Brad. Now we’re engaged and I’m so glad… Oh Brad. That you met mom and you know dad. Oh Brad. I’ve one thing to say, and that’s Brad, I’m mad for you too.

An impromptu hike

We only went four miles, because these kids are wimps. I thought at least the Girl Scout would be tougher, but apparently not. It’s cool though, because D and I plan on getting back out here very soon. AND we got to see hundreds of adorable frogs, so that was awesome.

I 💚 🐸

I see more hiking and biking in our future.