Leota Love ❤️

Leota has become my new go-to brand for work dresses. I was excited to finally snag the black sweetheart wrap with white polka dots. It had been sold out forever.

It came a few days ago. 😍

I’ve also been coveting the houndstooth version which always sells out before I can snag one. About a week ago, during a bout of insomnia, I decided to do a search to see if I could find it being sold elsewhere.

AND I DID! And in the weirdest place: the home shopping network! It gets better: these dresses run about $130 retail, but it was on clearance with HSN for $35. Motherfucking score!

It arrived today, and it’s gorgeous.

My collection is now up to 8. There is one dress not pictured below because it’s being washed. (I wore it yesterday).

I may be a little obsessed, but for good reason: these dresses are flattering, comfortable, and are made of wrinkle free fabric. 🥰

Tuesday’s OOTD

I felt like getting dressed up today.

Oh and I guess I spoke too soon regarding my hair loss. A big ass handful came out today, in addition to the normal every day shedding. Sigh. I honestly don’t know how I’m not bald yet.

Oh well – chop day is in a little over a week. I’m going to get a bob that hits right above the shoulders.

In the meantime, happy Tuesday. We are going to be kid free tonight and I can’t wait. Lol.