My neighbor messaged me on Facebook earlier to ask if she could come by tomorrow and pick Biz up while we’re at work so that he can have a play date with her dog. I was like yes, of course, but please excuse my messy house. Shit has been lax because I’ve been working a lot. She, of course, said not to worry about it. And so…then I ran around and cleaned furiously for about 20 minutes anyway, like you do. I also recruited the husband to help. Luckily, he had already spent a large chunk of time cleaning on Saturday afternoon while he forced me to relax. (He is a keeper this one!)

The end result is that I just walked through the house, after checking on the kids one last time before bed, and thought to myself: GD this house is fucking incredible and I’m so lucky to live here.

coffee date

AKA – Things we would discuss on our coffee date – though to be clear, I hate coffee and would be drinking a chai latte instead:

The first part of my day was a bit rough yesterday. I was feeling out of sorts, frustrated, overwhelmed, and homesick. This place, while lovely, is going to take some work (and some time) before it really feels like home. However, more unpacking was accomplished, and most importantly, we started hanging stuff on the walls. That made a huge difference. The hearth room is feeling very cozy and Jenn-rrific.  The more we personalize this place, the better we all feel.

Cable and internet would go a long way to making things feel normal again. Boo, Charter! Boo!!! Yay T-Mobile for your unlimited data plan!!! Hot spots for everyone!

Projects: Part of feeling so overwhelmed is that there is soooo much to do. We have a super long list of projects. And I’m not making it any easier on myself by coming up with “fun” projects, like the family wall of pics. I need to select pics and print them off. Then I need to acquire frames. This is important to me.

One of the best parts of unpacking was re-discovering all of my books. We have a large bookcase in the loft and I have filled it with books. There is also a chair, ottoman, and table up there, so it’s a cozy little reading nook and I love it.

An IKEA catalog came in the mail, and while I don’t typically love IKEA, I went through and circled a bunch of stuff that would work for us. It was fun. Who knew I could be so happy being domestic?

My bestie is coming over this afternoon. She will be our first official visitor. I’m so excited!

One of my new favorite things is sitting at the island and chatting with D while he cooks. I’m currently sitting there typing this while he makes breakfast for us.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and the kids are with their other parents, so D and I are going to the wineries. I’m super pumped. We need some adult time.



It has been a very good weekend. In fact, this living together thing is going way more smoothly than I imagined it would.

The kids keep referring to us as a “normal” family. This makes me both happy and sad. Sad only because the divorces (though years ago) were hard on them. I’m glad we’ve been able to give them our version of a “normal” family.

I am very happy, and I think they are too. I love them so much.