Halloween 2020

I was able to get a last minute costume: Fiesty Feline.

D dressed as Jesus so we had fun with it:

Things got a little crazy as the night went on, as they always do. This morning, I saw this message from my neighbor –

I know exactly what she saw! I guess that cat is out of the bag (and the cat was definitely out of her clothes by that time of the evening lol).


The new morning routine

Grab my Diet Pepsi, headphones, and Kindle, and head out to the deck.

It’s gorgeous today.

We’ve ordered a bar height bistro set for that empty upper portion of the deck. It should be here sometime this week. We need to order an umbrella for it. I also need to order a few other decorative things for the pergola area.

We plan on spending a lot of time out here this summer since vacations are cancelled. We are calling some places this week to get a quote for some other work we need done back here, including a quote for a plunge pool. If we can’t pull it off in time, I’m going to buy a little kiddie pool for us to play around in this summer. If you can’t go on vacation, bring the vacation to you.

chihuahua hell

My neighbor (the nurse who thinks that social distancing is stupid) recently acquired a chihuahua puppy (because her old one passed away last month). This little fucker stands at the fence line and barks his fucking face off like a little fucking bitch, and it’s making me crazy. I’m pretty sure Bismarck wants to eat him, and I, who normally love all animals, am in favor of this plan. I’m going to punt kick this motherfucker if he doesn’t shut the fuck up.