we’re legit now apparently

Last night, our neighbor Brad, said, “I see you got yourself a mom wagon. You are real suburbs people now!” I lol’d. He’s thought this entire time that we were just misplaced city-type people. Meanwhile, all of our city friends think we are big time suburbs people. (We will likely be gaining even more suburbs cred with our neighbors over the next several months. We are going to be doing our own landscaping soon. Eek!)

The mom wagon may not be cool, but it sure is convenient and comfortable. Two thumbs up, would buy again. Besides, I still have my “cool” car.

Extra credit

To further up our suburban cred, we cleaned the garage this afternoon. We still have quite a bit left to do (purging, cleaning, storage equipment), but we can now fit all three cars into it, and that is a major win!



Please don’t be creepy and stalk me just because I’m too lazy to black out my license plate. Okay thanks!

Afterwards, we drove the Mini to a local bar for a hard earned beer.

This is my convertible look, btw. I went for a retro feel today.

No filter…so you can see my giant zit.

Oh and I must say, now that our major summer plans are behind us, I’m very excited about doing a bunch of home improvement projects.

study time 💜

We recently switched up how we were using the space upstairs. Both kids moved into new bedrooms. We ditched the family room altogether, which left us with a spare room, and so I got a room of my very own. I plan to use it as a study/home office.

I’m essentially starting from scratch as far as furnishing a study goes. I’ve never really had one before; well not since law school when I kept a small home office (but nothing fancy) for when I got sick of my study carrel in the library. All of that stuff is long gone, and was cheap IKEA crap that barely survived the move from California anyway. Certainly nothing befitting a 40-year-old attorney. So I need everything: desk, chair, shelving, etc.

For my birthday, D gave me a generous budget for decorating my new room. I didn’t want to order anything while we were going to be away, so I just finally ordered stuff tonight. To be specific: a big, gorgeous white desk, fancy desk chair, chair mat, a filing cabinet, two ladder bookcases, and a sofa. D is taking me to pick out a chandelier this weekend, and I’ll probably get a rug as well.

I am very, super duper excited.

My favorite piece? I’m so glad you asked!!

Absolutely fabulous. 💜😍💜

This guy

was in my backyard.

And motherfuckers tried to tell me I don’t live in the country. This looks like some country motherfucking shit to me!!

The animals wanted blood:

I’m happy to report that Sylvester escaped with his life! Yes, I named him.

exactly where I want to be

Last night, I posted about how I’d rather acquire memories than things, which is true, but I didn’t explain exactly what I meant by that.

We make a good amount of money between us, but we want to keep it that way, so we prioritize/budget expenses like most people do. We have a bunch of stuff we want to do to the house; expensive stuff, such as landscaping and finishing the basement. We aren’t do-it-yourself type people, so we would pay someone to do the work. If we really got serious about it, we could likely get both done over the course of the next year.

On the other hand, we want do things. Go to bars. Fancy dinners both at home and at restaurants. Shop. Travel. Go to shows.

It’s easy to feel like we’re falling behind when we see all of our neighbors doing to their homes what we want to do to ours. But you know what they aren’t doing? Going out. Traveling. Seeing shows. What are rare treats for them, are common occurrences for us. In just the next two months, I’m going on four trips, and hosting a huge party.

So I’m going to stop playing the comparison game. Because, when I’m old, I’m going to be glad I went to Key West with my husband to celebrate my 40th birthday instead of getting landscaping. I’ll happily postpone a small house project to go see another DMB show. These memories we make, make my heart happy; much happier than having a fancy as fuck house or a flashy car does. We all have to live the life that makes us happy. This is my version.

The name of this blog is a quote that I hold near and dear to my heart, and that I try to live by: The future is no place to place your better days.