a sunday seven list post

  1. I ended up having to sleep in Freya’s room last night because she was scared. Haha. I told her she leveled up too quickly.
  2. Today’s mission is to acquire wedding shoes for D, Jack, and Frey. This requires a trip to the Converse store. I already purchased white ribbon laces for Freya on Amazon. It feels good to check things off this ever shrinking list.
  3. After shopping, the four of us are venturing down to the city to spend time with friends.
  4. Last night, we made the first chicken & wild rice soup of the season, and it was just as delightful as always. D makes fun of me for putting a dash of hot sauce in mine, but he can hate away because the hot sauce makes it extra awesome.
  5. Hey, I’m from Ferguson, okay?
  6. It’s cold outside today and I fucking love it. Bring on all the chilly weather, storms, and fires. D just turned off the air conditioning, and I hope that’s finally done for the year.
  7. 6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 18 seconds.

Sunday 7: Mother’s Day edition

  1. I cried this morning because hormones. Sigh. 
  2. Breakfast in bed = leftover wedding cake samples.
  3. I let Jackson go have brunch with his grandmother. He came home with a rose and box of chocolates for me. 
  4. Today is definitely a major cheat day. Cake, chocolate, beer, and pizza has been consumed. Later D has promised me a ribeye and an expensive bottle of wine. 
  5. But…I ran/walked almost 3 miles. 
  6. I’m hoping that once I get my psoriatic arthritis under control I’ll be able to work out more consistently. My appointment is tomorrow morning. 
  7. Movie/nap time with my kiddo. 

it’s still sunday…

and so you get seven:

  1. This was a great weekend and it went by way too quickly.
  2. But…I’m off tomorrow, so yay. I have a bunch of stuff I need to do, but I’m definitely working in a mani/pedi. I’m in desperate need of one.
  3. We spent the majority of Saturday (afternoon & evening) outside, and now I’m covered in bug bites. Ugh. What is it about me that is so fucking attractive to mosquitoes? Dave doesn’t appear to have even one bite. Meanwhile, I have like 20. Calamine, tea tree oil, and Benadryl are my new besties.
  4. Can we just fast forward to winter so that all the bugs can fuck off and die? Okay, thanks.
  5. Today was shopping/home improvement day. We went to Michael’s, Target, and Lowe’s. We bought stuff to decorate the entry way. We bought a super cute rug for the breakfast room. And various other decorative items. Everything is coming together quite nicely, and it is starting to feel quite homey. I love it.
  6. Ooh I almost forgot the best part! Our awesome pal, Rob, helped D get my old sectional out of the basement and into the 2nd floor family room. Then today D and I (well mostly D…ha) hung up a bunch of family photographs, art, curtains, etc. The room is super comfortable and cozy now. The kids are going to be so surprised when they see it tomorrow night. It’s going to be the perfect spot for movie and game nights.
  7. We enjoyed our adult weekend, but we are ready for our kids to come home now.

sunday stuff

  • We bought (the first round of) new furniture for the house today. I’m so excited. I love the stuff we picked out. We bought a sofa, table, and two chairs for the great room. We bought a sectional, chair, and ottoman for the hearth room. We got a table for the entryway, and we bought a new dining room table, chairs, and bench. It’s going to be delivered a few days after we move in.
  • SQUEE. I wanted to post pics, but I’m too tired now. Maybe later.
  • We packed up Freya’s bedroom and the loft area this afternoon. We cleared out a lot of old stuff. We are making good progress.
  • D and I worked out today and yesterday.
  • Tonight is taco night. Mmm…
  • I’m super tired. Right now I’m enjoying some alone time.
  • After dinner, the plan is that D and Jackson are watching Star Trek while Freya and I watch Gilmore Girls.

12:50 am

  1. I’m still awake because I stayed up watching OITNB with the bf while he waited on his daughter to be dropped off at like 12:30 fucking a.m. over some stupid Girl Scout shit. *eyeroll*
  2. Later today (after we hopefully all get much needed sleep) we are going to Six Flags. Jackson is so excited. He has never been before. I’m hoping I’ll get him on a roller coaster.
  3. The bestie came over today and helped me pack. We got most of Jackson’s room packed up. I’m feeling less overwhelmed.
  4. I have developed a LuLaRoe obsession. I have two pairs of leggings and two dresses on their way to me. I have heard very good things. (Both dresses are variations of polka dot prints because of course they are.)
  5. I’m sort of dreading Monday. For reasons. I’m going to have to drug myself in order to sleep tomorrow night. I just know it.
  6. I’m feeling really good about my workout progress this week. I’m feeling extremely motivated.
  7. I should really go to sleep.