12:15 am

on a Sunday morning. So let’s do an early Sunday seven.

  1. I haven’t been on my phone much. I’ve been busy. Plus it’s easier to ignore the phone when the family is all here at home. When we don’t have the kids, I feel like I need to be available just in case. After all, you’re never really off duty as a parent.
  2. The kids and I did some clothes shopping. I’m afraid I’ve turned Freya into a shopaholic. Oops. Anyway…I bought a black faux fur coat at H&M, and I’m absolutely enamored. So much so that I had the shop girl cut the tags off so I could wear it out of the store. It’s surprisingly warm, and extremely stylish.
  3. Frey and I finished Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and woo lord it’s really good. I’m hooked. So many good Netflix shows right now.
  4. I’m trying some new natural remedies for various ailments. If they work, I’ll share. I’ve done a lot of research and I’m feeling really hopeful.
  5. It is cold. Mama like.
  6. I did a substantial Facebook purge today yesterday, and I’m calling it round 1. Next up: the family purge. Because fuck it.
  7. Spence is here this weekend, so we did a round of D&D tonight. More tomorrow. The kids are thrilled.

Night, night. I have a sleepy husband to cuddle.

7 @ 11:45 pm

Sunday is almost over, so I better get on this:

  1. Another amazing weekend with my amazing husband. I’m the luckiest.
  2. I made two new friends this weekend, and I see all of us spending many more amazing weekends together in the future.
  3. We ended the weekend seeing David Cross, and he was hilarious. His Trump rants were EVERYTHING. But why is there always that one drunken, dumb ass, dick bag motherfucker who has to heckle the comedian? Why? And why are they always sitting behind me?
  4. I miss my kids and my fur kid. I can’t wait to be reunited tomorrow afternoon.
  5. I probably gained like 10 pounds this weekend. Back to exercising tomorrow. Oh and I’m actually looking forward to not drinking for a bit.
  6. I have two more days off. 🙌🏻
  7. My book and bed are calling. xoxo

seven @ 11

    I had a friend/colleague confide in me yesterday that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We’re meeting up tomorrow so that I can give her info on docs and the like. And a giant fucking hug, of course.
    Fuck cancer.
    It was stormy today. Delightful as fuck.
    I’m working through some shit. Some life changing shit. I’m a bit melancholy.
    It’s my bestie’s wedding week. Friday is the big day. There’s so much to do.
    I love the nightly walks with the dog. Tonight D and I took him two miles. I like the walking, the talking, and even the comfortable silences while we take it all in.
    Tonight we saw a snake on the driveway. A little suburban excitement for ya!

How was your day?

I had a mostly chill day. It was good. The highlights:

  • Reading. I’m really into my current pick.
  • Watching Frey try to teach Jack how to ride his bike without training wheels.
  • Listening to them play together upstairs. Right now they’re at these perfect ages where they have common interests and still do imaginative play. I know it won’t last forever, so I like listening in on their little play adventures. I love how much they have grown into their relationship as step siblings. It has been one of those unexpected delights in life. ❤️ ❤️
  • D and I snuck away for a quick beer at our local place.
  • The fire table is a delight.
  • Our family walk. One of my favorite things.
  • Motherfucking Ozark, man.

getting it out

  • I survived the bridal shower. I think it went quite well. We had a cute theme: Dirty Dancing. A loves that movie. The food was excellent. It was a classy little pool side party, and I think A really enjoyed herself, which made all the other nonsense well worth it.
  • I’ve heard a few things this weekend that have me thinking about how so many relationships just aren’t what they seem. You see these couples who look so happy and fabulous on social media, and then you find out that it’s all bullshit. Every couple has problems, obviously, but it’s such a mind fuck when you start seeing some of the cracks in these “instacouples” as I like to call them.
  • Idk, dude. I’ve just heard about a lot of relationship issues this weekend, like serious fucking problems where these people should be considering splitting up, and it has me feeling a bit bummed, but also super fucking grateful for what I have with D.
  • It also makes me love some of our couple friends all the more. I can think of two couples right now where their love for each other is genuine and beautiful and warms my heart. D and I love spending time with both of these couples because of that. It’s always fun and drama free: just how we like it.
  • My sister, K, texted me out of the blue today, and it was kind of scary actually because I was just thinking about how I miss her and need to reach out more. She has changed so much, like really grown into herself. I’m so proud of her, and how she has gotten her life together. She was telling me about our other sister, who is addicted to heroin, and is apparently going to random hospitals and giving my sister’s information when it’s time to collect billing info. So now K is geting harrassed by debt collectors over all this shit.
  • Oh and the Thanksgiving drama continues. K is probably going up for the family Thanksgiving dinner, and she wants me to go too, obvs, but she’s being cool about it. I just don’t understand why mom can’t come to STL and have a family Thanksgiving without that shit head she lives with. Well, I do understand. I just don’t fucking like it. And, honestly, I’m not going to be the one to compromise this time. We have all made our choices, and now we have to live with those choices.
  • Wow this post is kind of dark. I didn’t intend that when I started it, but I did want to get all this stuff out of my head. With that accomplished, I’m going to pack away the laptop and spend the rest of this evening with my husband and son.

sunday seven (the blog challenge edition)

  1. My feelings regarding the Nashville weekend are very succinctly summed up by a lyric from the St. Vincent song Fast Slow Disco: “I’m so glad I came, but I can’t wait to leave.”
  2. I’m home now. YAY! I received a very enthusiastic welcome from Bismarck. It’s always heartwarming when he gets super excited, because he is typically quite stoic. I received much tail wagging, pawing, and what I’ve come to refer to as husky hugs, which is basically where he comes up and nuzzles me. I even got several welcome home howls!
  3. My husband was happy to see me too. Haha! He couldn’t wait to take me out. We went out for pre-drinking and eventually dinner. We had lots of catching up to do. Tonight, during our long walk with the dog, he told me that he can’t even enjoy a weekend alone anymore because he misses me too much. Awww.
  4. The weather here is fantastic. You can feel that autumn is on its way.
  5. I very much enjoyed spending so much quality time with my bestie this weekend. The car rides alone totaled about 12 hours when you factor in our long lunch stops (oh and the gas station gambling stop)! We also shared the master bedroom at the house: it had two queen beds, its own bathroom, sitting room, and rooftop deck. It was pretty amazing.
  6. We get the kids tomorrow! And next weekend! FINALLY!!!! D and I have a fun little family outing planned for next Sunday. I’m seriously fucking pumped to have these kids at home for a full weekend. God I’ve missed them.
  7. I had so much stuff I’ve been storing up to share here when I got a moment and now that I’m sitting here it’s all gone away. Typical.


early sunday 7

  1. We’re only halfway through this glorious long weekend, and it has been just what we needed.
  2. We’ve done a few little tweaks around the house and it’s looking really good.
  3. Today is plant and decor day. Gonna hit up Michael’s and Lowe’s for sure. We’re so suburban nowadays. ❤️
  4. The DMB show last night was decent, but not spectacular. I’m glad we decided to watch from home. All that money we saved can be spent on house stuff, like maybe the new bed. We’re trying to decide if we’re going to buy one this weekend before the holiday sales end. We found a nice one at the local furniture store.
  5. D has agreed to diet with me starting Tuesday, and this is awesome because it will be so much easier if we do it together. I need the support. I woke up very unhappy with my body today. This fat roll needs to gtfo. I can’t deal. I’m thinking about doing a low carb thing, since that seems to be working so well for a bunch of my friends.
  6. As it is officially September, we’re now in Halloween party planning mode. We’ve picked the date. Now we have to figure out the guest list. This party is always fucking epic and I’m so pumped. We’re doing it the weekend before Halloween to accommodate my bestie since she’ll be back from her honeymoon. That means it’s a custody weekend. This will be the first time the kids will be involved. Should be interesting.
  7. Speaking of our kids, I miss them so very much. Just one more weekend without them before we’re back on the normal schedule again. Can’t wait.


  1. It’s 4 pm and I’m in bed just chilling while J and D play Battleship.
  2. I’m still not feeling great. Still on that tram wagon. I can feel the latest dose kicking in.
  3. I can’t stop thinking about those crack fries we had at HopCat yesterday. I joined the rewards program so now we get a free order. Mmm. That needs to happen soon. Btw that place is pretty cool. You should check it out.
  4. It turns out I still know all the words to Gin and Juice.
  5. Private lounge karaoke is my new jam. I will be back for sure.
  6. I’ve done a bit of laundry today. Oh and some light cleaning. So I’m not completely worthless, just mostly worthless.
  7. Must nap. I feel pretty awful honestly.

a sunday seven list post

  1. I ended up having to sleep in Freya’s room last night because she was scared. Haha. I told her she leveled up too quickly.
  2. Today’s mission is to acquire wedding shoes for D, Jack, and Frey. This requires a trip to the Converse store. I already purchased white ribbon laces for Freya on Amazon. It feels good to check things off this ever shrinking list.
  3. After shopping, the four of us are venturing down to the city to spend time with friends.
  4. Last night, we made the first chicken & wild rice soup of the season, and it was just as delightful as always. D makes fun of me for putting a dash of hot sauce in mine, but he can hate away because the hot sauce makes it extra awesome.
  5. Hey, I’m from Ferguson, okay?
  6. It’s cold outside today and I fucking love it. Bring on all the chilly weather, storms, and fires. D just turned off the air conditioning, and I hope that’s finally done for the year.
  7. 6 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 18 seconds.

Sunday 7: Mother’s Day edition

  1. I cried this morning because hormones. Sigh. 
  2. Breakfast in bed = leftover wedding cake samples.
  3. I let Jackson go have brunch with his grandmother. He came home with a rose and box of chocolates for me. 
  4. Today is definitely a major cheat day. Cake, chocolate, beer, and pizza has been consumed. Later D has promised me a ribeye and an expensive bottle of wine. 
  5. But…I ran/walked almost 3 miles. 
  6. I’m hoping that once I get my psoriatic arthritis under control I’ll be able to work out more consistently. My appointment is tomorrow morning. 
  7. Movie/nap time with my kiddo. 

it’s still sunday…

and so you get seven:

  1. This was a great weekend and it went by way too quickly.
  2. But…I’m off tomorrow, so yay. I have a bunch of stuff I need to do, but I’m definitely working in a mani/pedi. I’m in desperate need of one.
  3. We spent the majority of Saturday (afternoon & evening) outside, and now I’m covered in bug bites. Ugh. What is it about me that is so fucking attractive to mosquitoes? Dave doesn’t appear to have even one bite. Meanwhile, I have like 20. Calamine, tea tree oil, and Benadryl are my new besties.
  4. Can we just fast forward to winter so that all the bugs can fuck off and die? Okay, thanks.
  5. Today was shopping/home improvement day. We went to Michael’s, Target, and Lowe’s. We bought stuff to decorate the entry way. We bought a super cute rug for the breakfast room. And various other decorative items. Everything is coming together quite nicely, and it is starting to feel quite homey. I love it.
  6. Ooh I almost forgot the best part! Our awesome pal, Rob, helped D get my old sectional out of the basement and into the 2nd floor family room. Then today D and I (well mostly D…ha) hung up a bunch of family photographs, art, curtains, etc. The room is super comfortable and cozy now. The kids are going to be so surprised when they see it tomorrow night. It’s going to be the perfect spot for movie and game nights.
  7. We enjoyed our adult weekend, but we are ready for our kids to come home now.