To sex or not to sex…

I’m in this weird mood where I’m not super excited about our dinner date with the new couple tonight or about any LS stuff really. I think I may be over it. Casual sex isn’t exciting to me anymore. And, with the exception of my husband, obvi, I’m just really not that into men right now. I’m very interested in women generally speaking, but there is only one that I want, and we are currently on a break. So…I think I’m good? We’re still going to the dinner tonight. I’m down for making friends and seeing what happens with time. I think D and I are def on the demi spectrum. We really only like fucking our good friends at this point, and even then only very occasionally.

At the end of the day, as long as I have D, I’m good.

Shameless (Grounds)

We went to an LS meet & greet tonight, for the first time in like 6 years, and it was fun, though there were no connections made. It felt good to be back in the scene though. It was also good for my self-esteem. I actually felt sexy.

(It helps that D and I had amazing sex last night, and I felt very sexy despite feeling old and chubby. I realized that I’m still a fucking snack – and not despite it, BUT BECAUSE OF IT).

D and I have decided to check out another location soon. We’re also going to hit up a strip club, because we’ve never gone together. I’m so happy that we’re back to mixing it up TOGETHER. ♥️

I don’t know how I’ve gotten so lucky.

news of the day

I had a getting-to-know-you lunch date with a cute couple who have been pursuing me for a while. They are very sweet, but not sure there is a love connection on my end. Still, I’m grateful for the experience, and the new friends. ♥️

Friday Night Fun

Last night’s dinner was amazing. Can’t wait to dig into the leftovers.

After dinner, we logged into Zoom for wine club. The wines weren’t very good this time, but the company was great.

It always starts off a bit awkward, but gets fun once everyone is tipsy.

I feel like we’re starting to find our footing in the group.

Oh and my favorite part: the theme was Boats and Hos, so D wore his old Navy uniform, and god damn. 😍

D and I look forward to eventually meeting everyone in person. They are a fun group.

wine night attire

The dress code was sundresses for the ladies, and Hawaiian shirts for the men.

It was a lifestyle event, so I had to wear my pineapple earrings.

I drank out of my favorite wine glass:

Dave is very proud of his Hawaiian shirt he bought at Pearl Harbor.

Not posting a group photo this time, because we used zoom so it had everyone’s names displayed. Not trying to out anyone. Oh and one lady was already naked by the time I took the pic. She was…interesting.

For the record, most people, including us, did not get naked. It was mostly just a fun, drunken conversation.


We had a lot of fun last night. I have a feeling these two could end up being really good friends, and there is definitely chemistry. Gen X dudes just do it for me. And let’s not forget J: she’s a sexy, sexy bitch. Unf.

And now we will take a much needed break. We hit Project Ho hard. It has been a lot of fun, but also kind of exhausting. Don’t worry…we plan on resuming our activities after I’m all healed. In fact, there are already tentative plans.

This time next week I’ll be in surgery. I can’t wait to have my new boobs. D and I are both very excited. I’m a bit worried about my tattoos, but I can always redo them. I’m thinking maybe hearts this time. I’m going to buy some pasties and experiment. If I can’t have my nipples back, I might as well have fun with it, right?