Thanksgiving Feasting: the first course

I prepped a breakfast casserole last night, which has become a holiday tradition around here.

It was really good. I’m going to add more eggs next time though. The main ingredients are eggs, hash browns, and sausage.

Bismarck was like please mom I can eats casserole???

He got a little bit too. It is Thanksgiving after all!

Oh and there were blueberry struessel muffins as well…not pictured, but very tasty.

attitude of gratitude

Today I’m thankful for:

My husband. He’s my soul mate. I never really believed in mushy stuff like that before I met him. Now I’m big sappy love chick.

My kids. They’re growing up so fast, but they’re loving, kind, smart, and all around awesome people. I’m forever grateful for the privilege of watching them grow up.

My fur babies. Violet and Bismarck. 🐈🐶

My lovely friends, old and new. I feel like we’ve fallen into this fantastic group of people. I remember when D and I had no friends in common, and now we have this big group of awesome people who love and support us. We may not have great relations with either of our extended families, but we’ve created a family out of friends.

Our lovely home. Our stability. Our health. I know some people who are struggling with absolutely awful things right now. My thoughts are with them today.


thankful like whoa

I’m super duper fucking grateful for the following:

  • The privilege of being Jackson’s mother. He is so amazing. Sweet, funny, cute, and smart. He’s the best thing I’ve ever done.
  • The privilege of being a role model/step-parent to Freya. I finally have the daughter I have always wanted.
  • Dave. Our Love. I never knew love like this could exist. I never thought I could feel so free to be myself. He makes me better. His love is like my heroin.
  • My law firm. How did this happen? I’m blown away. We worked so fucking hard. Sometimes, Scott and I will fist bump and just be like, “FUCK YES!!!!!!”
  • I have the coolest, funnest, most supportive and diverse group of friends. Old and new.
  • My gorgeous house that I designed from fucking scratch!
  • My ex. For giving me the best kid ever. For forgiving me for my past transgressions. For giving me (for the most part) a really awesome divorced co-parenting experience.
  • Cats. Especially: Violet, Bozo, Morgan, Duke, and Antonio.
  • Drugs. Mmmkay?
  • My life after breast cancer. Forever fucking grateful.