We saw the oncologist today, and finally have some answers.

Here we are in the waiting room:

Cute af. Always.

Onto the news:

The cancer is the same cancer as before, which is a good thing, because there are a lot of treatment options. It seems to be limited to the hip bones, though we are doing an MRI to check the spine since I have pain there. I’ll be starting three new meds: a hormonal regulator (Falsodex), a bone modifier (Xgeva), and oral chemo (Ibrance). I’m a little concerned about the side effects of the chemo, but I’m trying not to freak out. The other two meds are injections, which I’ll have to go to the cancer center to get. I’m also meeting with the radiation oncologist to see if we can zap these little fuckers.

Hopefully this treatment will work, and will work for years. It’s even possible we can get to no evidence of disease (NED), which is always the goal. We are hoping for years, like maybe even five to ten years.

It’s hard to explain how we feel, because it’s good news, but as KC put it: it’s the best of the worst news. It still sucks. D and I have been calling it the Kobayashi Maru. It’s a no win situation: in the end, it will get me. People don’t seem to understand that, which is frustrating, but I get it.

Anyway – current status is awaiting insurance approvals, and then hopefully starting treatment next Friday.

After the appointment, we decided to grab a much needed and well deserved drink.

And then, upon returning home, we planned our D&D costumes for Sunday, which is the start of the D&D YouTube campaign. D will be a fighter, and I will be a druid.