My body is sore af from the 21 Day Fix workout I did on Monday night. It was slightly sore yesterday, but today it’s like whoa-my-god. Moving hurts.

I guess I’m going to do the second workout tonight. Ideally, I would have done it last night, but we took a break from exercising last night. We banged and watched TNG instead.

Tonight we have dinner plans with Ann & Rob, but not until late, so I’m going to try to squeeze in workout #2 before we go.

Send thoughts and prayers.

happy belated birthday to me

Tonight was the blind wine tasting/rating with C&J.

We had five bottles of wine: different types and prices. The goal was to guess the type and price of each bottle. We had a sheet to guide us, telling us the five types and prices.

This was so fun! Somehow I managed to get a perfect score on identifying the type of wine, and then I guessed the price of the two most expensive bottles. Look at me being all wine fancy and shit!

Jess even made a little book for me to keep with the labels and descriptions of the wine, and I love it!

We have the best friends. ❤️❤️

Oh and in case you wanted to know pairing to price. The checks indicate what I guessed correctly.

The pinot and tempranillo were awful. The cab and syrah were top notch.

This was soooooo fun. 100% will do again. Next up: white wines.

I meant to get a pic of the four of us, but we were having such a good time that I forgot. 💖

Sore af

After the gym yesterday.

We did some light cardio, but we mostly go to lift weights. I worked my arms and thighs hard, and oooooooh my goodness…OUCH. Lol

I’m happy to report that I’m actually improving. I was able to do more reps on the bench this time. Woot!!

My running has improved as well. My endurance has increased, and I’ve gotten faster. Seeing these results is the best motivation.

Tonight will have to be just cardio though, because like I said…ouch.

Polka dot palooza: day 11

I lied…

I couldn’t not share this ootd. (Woo…double negative got me like…😳).

I’ve been working my ass off (literally), as you know. So when I discovered that I once again fit into this size xs dress that I haven’t worn in several years, I figured that was def worthy of sharing!

We had a couple of beers at the neighborhood brewery this afternoon. We look too cute not to share:

We workout on Sundays and then grab a drink in the afternoon, and as a result, Sundays are becoming my favorite days.

our kind of parenting

We watched American Pie with our kids last night, and that was surprisingly fun. We figure it’s good to get them comfortable talking about sex. It doesn’t have to be an embarrassing, taboo subject.

My ex-husband was an extra in the movie, and Jackson was very excited that he got to see his dad several times during the prom scenes.

It’s weird to see him looking so young. He has hair! Lol.

God…we’re so old now!!