I like that you can see the marks left on my body from cancer. My port scar from chemo. The cancer boob with the slight dent. The mandala tattoos where nipples should be. The tiny black radiation tattoos on my chest and stomach. The tiny scars on my stomach from my hysterectomy/oophorectomy. I hate on my body a lot, I know, but this bitch has fought hard and is not only surviving, but thriving. I’m now, at 41, finally learning to be comfortable in my own skin. The scars, the wrinkles, the extra fat around my midsection – I’m thankful for all of it, because it means I’m still here.


Last night was crazy fun.

We did a tequila tasting with C&J.

I lost count of how many shots were had. So many.

Much fun was had.

They left around 1:30 to relieve their sitter, but D and I decided to party on. So we stayed up until four having a dance party.

During which this happened:


I forgot how high our ceilings are when I let it go, so I lost my dance flair. Sad face.

It was a super fun night, and I’m looking forward to the 15th when we celebrate C’s birthday. We love our couple besties.

My favorite part of the night was when D looked at me and said, “I love being married to you.”

Me too, babe. So much. ♥️

This is #41

A birthday reference and a DMB reference. Nice.

I slept until 11:30, and IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Then D and I went out for lunch.

I’m back on carbs for a while. Obvi. Birthday carbs don’t count, right?

After lunch, we went to pick up the kids, and then headed home, where this was waiting:

And then Nick & Nancy dropped by with cupcakes!

My besties came by, and it was wonderful. They brought gifts. I feel so spoiled!

My husband made a Mexican feast. My favorite!

There was a DMB Drive-in concert tonight, and #41 was on the setlist.

Freya’s band practice was canceled tonight, and I was really happy, because it meant we all got to be together tonight.

It was a fabulous day. ♥️♥️♥️♥️