Key West shopping to-do/goals

  • The Mile 0 sticker for our car. We’ve earned it! We’ve been calling it the road master badge. Haha.
  • D wants a vintage map of the Keys to hang in his study.
  • Sometime tonight we need to pick up white tees and a black marker. Why? We’re trying to beat Boggs tomorrow, baby! (You Sunny fans will feel me).
  • A pair of bold earrings. My new thing is to buy earrings on every trip.
  • New bong. Because duh.

The Effingham, IL stop

or as my husband calls it, Fuckingham, aka home of a ridiculously large, ugly cross, which is a hideous eyesore, and also this…

I fucking cannot.

And, of course, there is no book called “When Jesus Speaks to a Man’s Heart,” because obviously men are inherently better than women, and clearly don’t need advice from Jesus.

Eat my entire ass, Effingham. 🖕🏻