Headed Home

We’re at the airport in Rome. We have three flights to get home.

Rome to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam to Atlanta.

Atlanta to Saint Louis.

It’s going to be a very long day, and I feel totally done already. My body is pissed.

Last Day: Pompei

I wrote this yesterday but it wouldn’t upload.

I woke up feeling quite awful, which sucked because it was Pompei day. I sucked it up, but I felt like hot trash the entire time. It was hard on my body, walking on the uneven roads. Despite that, it was cool af.

D took some pics, but I can’t upload them since we’ve left port.

We leave for the airport early tomorrow morning. I’m ready to be home. If my body is going to be an asshole, then I want to be on the home turf.

Cruise Day 5: Sailing The Ionian Sea

We’ve spent most of the day sleeping and reading. We watched Braveheart. We didn’t dock today, so no excursions. Tomorrow morning we dock in Messina, Sicily. I’m excited for tomorrow’s excursion. More on that later.

I haven’t felt well today so I’m lucky that coincided with our day at sea. I’m still swollen but slightly less so. I’ve done a lot of lymphatic massage, and am keeping my legs elevated when possible. The ascites is getting bad again. I’m going to have to drain again next week. This is getting ridiculous. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sigh.

I’ve been trying not to think about my situation or the future, but it’s difficult. I still don’t know what I want to do for my next treatment.

Ugh. Okay – enough of that for now.

Here’s my month in books:

I can’t believe it’s Halloween. And that tomorrow is November. Mind blown.

Okay – time to cuddle up and watch some Sunny.

Excursion Day 4: Scenic Chania Walking Tour

Crete was absolutely incredible. So beautiful. Our tour took us to the old Venetian harbor, and it was the most picturesque place I’ve ever been. After the tour, we had lunch and went shopping before heading back to the ship.

The only bad part was when a store clerk asked about my pregnancy, and I had to explain that I’m not pregnant (ugh I wish) but that I have cancer in my stomach. We both ended up feeling like shit. UGH.

We left Crete around five, and are on the way to Sicily. Tomorrow is a sea day. Our plan is to relax as much as possible. Reading by the pool sounds good. We did a bit of that today, and also had afternoon tea, which was quite disappointing. Oh well. Not everything can be perfect.

We bought a clay vase today in the Minoan style. I’m excited to find it a spot for it in the house. We’ve acquired some beautiful momentos.

It’s not quite 9 pm and we’re in the room. Tonight is Viking Prom, but D is too tired, and I’m too swollen, so we decided to chill instead. My legs and feet are so swollen that it’s scaring me, but I can’t really do anything about it. I put on compression socks and have my legs elevated. I hope that helps.

Anyway – still having a most fabulous trip. Enjoying every moment. D is so relaxed, and it’s good to see him smiling again.

I have many more pics I’d love to post, but the wifi isn’t playing nice. Check out my Facebook if you want.


Day 3 Excursion: Wonders Of The Ancient World

Today we docked in Kusadasi and headed over to Ephesus to see the Basilica of St. John, and to tour the Ephesus Museum. We also stopped into a mosque, and then went to see how Turkish rugs are made. The rug part was interesting until they put the hard sell on us. D and I bailed on that shit, and found a cute little restaurant for lunch. We had kebabs, which were delish. After lunch, we walked around until it was time to board the ship. I bought a necklace and scarf as my souvenirs.

Pic time!

There are so many cats (and dogs too) wandering the streets here. I knew about this, but it’s crazy to actually see it. They’re everywhere! Of course I stop to talk to them and offer pets. They are all really sweet, but it makes me sad that they don’t have loving homes.

And here is a random pic of me just because I like it.

This was a fabulous day. I’m so grateful.

Observations So Far

The wifi here is awful. I can only post pics when I’m on LTE.

It’s 11:31 pm and we just crawled into bed. Another excursion set for tomorrow morning. Ephesus, baby.

The jet lag is real.

My feet and legs are so swollen, and it’s freaking me the fuck out. I’m trying to shove those feelings down with alcohol, which I’m certain doesn’t help, but at least helps my mental state.

We are the youngest guests on this Boomer cruise, but we’re still having fun. The people watching is fun.

Tonight we had a five course Asian infusion dinner, and the lady next to us had to ask what Asian food was. Um…wtf?

But then another dude had to borrow a pen so he could jot down his observations and feelings about the cuisine. Again…wtf?

This ship is fairly small, and the sea is quite choppy, so you can feel the ship move, sometimes a lot. It feels like walking while intoxicated.

The “Viking” Band is comprised of six Asians, and that made us giggle. They sang “Islands In The Stream” – see Boomer shit.

I hope this uploads.

We Made It!

We’re in Athens, baby!

It was a long af trip, and we rallied like fucking champs. But we haven’t slept since Wednesday morning, and we have an early day tomorrow, so we’re in bed a little before 11 pm.

I haven’t taken many pics yet.

I’m a bit weepy. It’s just so much, ya know? Mostly happy tears. I’m not letting myself spiral too hard.

My legs and feet are so swollen. It’s ridiculous. I’m fighting through it. Our excursion tomorrow is heavy on walking so hopefully I can make it work.

This ship is gorgeous. We’re like the youngest guests. I’d say the average age is about 65. LOL forever.

I’m here. I’m doing it. ♥️

Florida: Day 4

We had a late flight home, so we had time to hang out before heading to the airport. After lunch, we found the I Dream Of Jeannie stuff in Cocoa Beach so that D could pay tribute. He’s like obsessed with Barbara Eden. It’s weird, dude.

We had a really good weekend hanging with our friends. We always have the best time with them. D, in particular, needed this time away to unwind. That said, we are both super happy to be home. I’m ready to hunker down and be a homebody for a while.

Sansa is soooo mad at me. Lol.

I have to be at the cancer center bright and early tomorrow morning. Hopefully my doctor will have a plan to get rid of all this swelling. It’s painful and ugly and I hate it. Oh and apparently I now look cancery enough that people give up their seats for me. Sigh. But I really did need the seat. I’m literally disabled and I don’t know how to handle it. It’s such a mind fuck.

Florida: Day 3

More of the same today: bar hopping mostly. I’m not the drinker that I used to be, but I had several frozen cocktails today. It feels like saying goodbye to summer.

I’m in a weird place mentally. Watching my decline is really starting to fuck with my head, and my self-esteem is in the gutter. I’m so bloated and swollen. I look pregnant. My knees and feet are so swollen that I can hardly walk. I’ve been sucking it up, but it hasn’t been easy. We haven’t really talked about my cancer at all this trip, which is both a good and a bad thing. I feel like I’m just a total bummer to be around at this point. I don’t know…I’m struggling and feel kind of alone.

Still – I’ve had a good time, and I’m glad we got away. I can tell it has been good for D especially. He def needed a vacation.

Florida: Day 2

Day 2 was all about drinking and shopping. I found the cutest little boutique in downtown Melbourne, which had a bunch of cute stuff, including a lot of Betsey Johnson (I love her stuff). I bought the cutest dress and two pairs of shoes. Pics later.

I was asleep before 9. I am still recovering from London and have no energy. I’m actually looking forward to spending a few days in bed post-chemo.