just one week

I really want to take a nice relaxing bath, but I can’t because these stupid tattoos are still healing.  Also my bathtub sucks donkey balls. It’s okay though, because a week from today I will be on vacation in a condo with a giant whirlpool tub that the bf and I will be soaking in once the kids go to bed. 

Can’t wait. 

In fact, I may need to make a supply trip to Lush before we leave town. 


Yesterday I ran four miles at a 10:22/mile pace. I was quite pleased with that. 30 Day Shred and Omega 3 supplements have changed my life.  It’s kind of crazy.

Last night was a great night. My boyfriend brought over my birthday presents, and made a delicious dinner.

I discovered a new favorite beer. Reclaimed by 4Hands. Yum.  I’m looking forward to Schurcipefones on 8/3.

My actual birthday is on the 22nd, and we will be in Mexico.  We leave tomorrow. I’m crazy excited.  But I will need to bring Xanax for the plane ride. I hate flying.

Somebody remind me not to answer the phone when everyone is out to lunch. The stupidity is overwhelming.

The other day I was like, “Holy shit this law firm is actually successful. How the fuck did that happen?” Sometimes I’m still amazed. The downside is that somebody always wants something from me, and that is stressful/exhausting.

I really need this vacation.

On my to do list:

  • drop the dog off for boarding
  • pick up Jack Jack
  • eat something. (so hungry)
  • 30 Day Shred
  • finish packing
  • get in cuddle time with my boy. i’m going to miss him!

Time to get started on my list.