At the show

I love this picture. 

The show was fun. I’ve never been to a show quite like it before. I dug all the videos and lights and stuff. 

Those dudes are looking old as fuck though. Yikes. 

The opener was bad ass. An all girl band called Warpaint. I’m into it. We bought their album. 

And I finally have my own Depeche Mode shirt. D insisted. But I’m still not giving up the other one. It’s vintage. 😊

We needed this 

Vacation is good for the soul. Even if it’s just a little road trip. Getting out of the daily grind has allowed us to actually relax. We have (mostly) been ignoring our phones. This was especially important after this afternoon. *sigh*

Anyway…we’ve simply been enjoying each other’s company. I had more to report but it feels unimportant now. Besides, it’s time for cuddles so bye.