V-Day Part 1

We started celebrating last night with dinner and gift exchange.

I finally got to wear my new dress:

D bought me the most amazing necklace. I love, love, love it.

It’s so very sparkly!!

Instead of a card, I got a PowerPoint slide, and it may be the best thing he’s ever given me.

It’s perfect.

Dinner was amazing.

I even allowed myself to have dessert – a keto ice cream bar.

I’m having the best Valentine’s ever. ♥️


I have this fuschia dress covered in black hearts that I wore on Valentine’s Day last year. I put it on last night with the intention of wearing it on my date, but NOPE! It was too big. As much as I love that dress, that felt really fucking good!

Oh and I made my 1% loss this week. Woo!!

Speaking of date night, it was fabulous. We talked and talked and suddenly it was almost midnight. And there was SO MUCH TEQUILA. I’m hungover af – like seriously on the struggle bus – but no regrets.

TGIF. Looking forward to spending Vday weekend with my family. I hope D’s second present gets delivered soon. 😳

mine is forever

  • Last night was amazing. Amazing food. Amazing atmosphere. Amazing wine. Amazing dress. And, most importantly, amazing company. 
  • I loved wearing that dress. I felt sexy and beautiful, which doesn’t happen often.
  • I ate like a queen. I started with a goat cheese tart with an arugula & fennel salad. Then for my main course I had steak with bearnaise sauce and pomme frites, followed by ginger spice cake with chai ice cream for dessert. Oh and an amazing bottle of Bordeaux. 
  • Obviously I have a date with my treadmill tonight. 
  • I had a massage today. I explained why I was there to the massage therapist (fibromyalgia, muscle pain and tension, referred by my oncologist, etc). He started on my shoulders and was basically like um holy shit we’ve gotta come up with a new plan of action because you are incredibly tense and knotted. So instead of a swedish full body massage, I got an upper body deep tissue massage. It sort of hurt, but I can feel a difference. I will be going back. In fact, I signed up for a monthly membership. 
  • They also have this dry hydro massage that is awesome. It’s like a water bed that has these jets that massage your body. It felt amazing. I can use it for 20 minutes per day without an appointment as part of my membership. It’s right by my office so I see myself taking advantage of that quite a bit. 
  • It’s also right next to Hot Box Cookies. Not good.
  • A while back, I started following a blog called @unfuckyourhabitat and it has really motivated me to get my shit in order. I am in the middle of several projects, but it feels a lot better in my apartment. Dave noticed it too and has remarked upon it several times in the last week.
  • We watched three movies this weekend:
    • Crimson Peak: beautiful but boring and not even a little scary.
    • 50/50: which is one of my favorites, but Dave hated it. It made him really sad. I guess it hit a little too close to home. Oops.
    • Failure to Launch: just because we wanted to watch a cheesy romantic comedy for V-day. OMFG this movie was hilariously awful.