wiwt: thursday edition

I dig wearing brooches when a dress has a high neckline. This butterfly one is a favorite.

My pink Rothy’s are 💕

Right now I am really digging my Norvina palette. Celestial is where it’s at!

Sometimes I top it with Stormborn by UD. Not today though. But seriously…purple eyeshadow for the motherfucking win.

My new go-to lip color:

I top it with a bit of gloss: either clear (today) or Bougainvillea gloss by LipSense (which I adore).

Today’s look

I dig this dress LeTote sent me this month. I kind of want to keep it.

I can’t get a good photo of the fabulous brooch, but 😍😍. I specifically requested this one. My collection is really growing thanks to Redbird Vintage Box.

Look at this one! It was also in this month’s box. Karen sent a note saying she thought of me when she saw it, because it’s both pink and a statement piece.

Love those RVB ladies.

I have to find the best way to rock this one.


I woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning so that I could get off the wait list for a vintage fashion subscription box I’ve been dying to get. These are authentic vintage items that are personally selected for each subscriber, so they keep it pretty exclusive. I just got my confirmation that I’m in!!! So excited! Now it’s back to sleep for me.