I’ve started a trend…

A bring your dog to work trend.

Bismarck, the derpy husky, is mine, of course.

But also pictured is Lady, who belongs to our landlord. He is also an attorney, and works just upstairs. So sometimes Lady just randomly walks in when a client opens the shared interior door. Lady is a spaz.

And then there is Clara. She belongs to my business partner. She’s so very sweet.

This has been one of our better decisions. Having pets in the office has really helped to lighten the mood and relieve stress.

just another day at the office

This afternoon, at the law office, my office manager and I got into an argument about who has the most cellulite.  This lead to us both stripping down and comparing. Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened, and I’m confident it won’t be the last. This is just how we roll around here.  Oh…the verdict? We apparently both have fantastic asses and need to shut the fuck up – per L, my assistant.


getting it all out

  • Work stuff is stressing me out. Ugh. I get to be the attorney and the secretary for the next 28 days.  God help us all. I’ve already thrown papers across the room in a fit of anger.
  • But Friday is the firm Christmas Party at McGurk’s. Super excited about that. There will be much drinking.
  • All this answering the phone nonsense actually brings me back to three years ago when Scott and I opened this firm.  We didn’t have an assistant for approximately 8 months.  Those were interesting times. Happy anniversary to B&A!
  • I’m getting to spend quality time with all of my favorites this week/weekend. Danielle and I had a dinner date last night, and then I got to finally see my bf. Tonight is BFF date night with Ann. We are having a pizza and wine fueled gossip session. I get to see my sweet faced boy tonight, and then this weekend is going to be much fun. I can’t wait. Thinking of all that is what is getting me through today.
  • I bought a couch on Sunday.  It’s a leather sectional, and it is being delivered on Friday.  I’m way excited. Merry Christmas to me.
  • AHS Coven is so good that I’m willing to pay $2.99 per episode on Amazon Instant.  I’m hooked after only one episode.  Horror is my happy place. Is that fucked up?
  • I started Allegiant, which is the last book in the Divergent series. I’ve heard some disappointing things, but I’m ready to know what is on the other side of that damn fence!
  • I very much liked the number on my scale this morning (134), but I seriously need to stop obsessing over my weight.  It’s unhealthy. It’s making me depressed. It’s stupid.  I really wish I could take Paxil again.  That stuff helps so much. Stupid BDD.
  • My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy hot so that should be good enough, right?
  • Plus, these boobs are out of control.  Even I have to admit that I look amazing in underwear now.
  • I’ll feel better once I get back into my workout routine. Running and training keep me sane.
  • Okay I must leave the warmth of my office in search of Diet Pepsi (and food). I seriously need to stop running out of it. I can’t make it through the day without my caffeine.