it’s the freaking weekend, baby

On non-custody weekends, I consider the start of my weekend to be Thursday night, which is when the bf and I tend to get a little crazy. One or both of us typically wake up with a hangover on Friday morning. (Today it was his turn, apparently.) We both have stressful jobs, and it’s nice to just let go of all that crap and blow off some steam.  We have a bunch of fun stuff planned this weekend.  Tonight is our fancy date night, and I am excited. I’m planning on getting all dressed up, though I don’t know what I’m going to wear yet (but…expect a pic).

Also, today is hair cut/color day, so that’s fun, and also much needed. My hair is a fright.  I’m considering trying something a little different.  The bf surprised me this morning by telling me that he misses my short hair. I hear that from a lot of people actually. I guess I should take that under advisement, huh?

I got to catch up with my besties at Sky Music Lounge tonight while the boyfriend’s band played.

I love my friends so much.

My day in pics.

1. Brunch with Robert at Gringo. Jax ordered pancakes at a Mexican restaurant. They were surprisingly good.

2. We walked to the park because it was gorgeous outside. We could hear Loufest (outdoor concert festival) from the playground.

3. Jax made a new friend at the playground.

4. There was much reading. Jojo Moyes is a new favorite author.

5. We headed to the boyfriend’s house and I helped him make beer. It’s a complicated process, but we had fun. It’s going to be an IPA, which we will be serving at my Halloween party. Hoppy Halloween…It’s cute, right? 🙂

6. I drank merlot while making beer. Yum.

7. Ended the evening playing video games with Jackson, which is his new favorite thing. The Wii U was a good buy.