What I love about WW…

This is on plan:

You can eat what you want: just track it and stay within your calories. No shaming for eating carbs. No feeling guilty. Just incentives to make the best choices you can. And stop eating when you’re satisfied. Admittedly, you have to be in the right place/right mindset for this or any other weight loss program to be successful. That’s the most important part.

Also – shout out to Dogfish Head for making such a fab low cal/low carb IPA. It’s a life saver. 🙌🏻

Back at it!

I promised my bestie that I’d restart Weight Watchers today, and so I did. I weighed myself and logged it. I had a banana for breakfast (0 points). In about an hour, I’m headed to the gym for another run.

I’m feeling good about running right now. The July 4th 5k has jump started a desire to run again. That race was so hard due to the heat, and yet I did fairly well, which has inspired me to keep pushing myself. Yesterday afternoon, at the gym, I ran 5k without stopping, which I haven’t done in years. I felt triumphant afterwards, and I want to hold onto that feeling.

Last night, D and I decided that we would sign up for the Flat Five, which is the first weekend in August. We did it a few years ago. I’m sure I’ll have to walk a chunk of it, but so what. I’ll probably do better than I think. I get competitive once I’m out there with all the other runners.

We’re also talking about doing the Go STL Halloween race this year. Who knows…maybe we’ll do the half-marathon next April.

I’m ready for this change. I missed running as a hobby. Now that my arthritis is more manageable, maybe I can pull this off.

back to it

I hopped on the scale just to see, and it’s currently showing another 2 pound loss. That has given me the motivation I need to stay on track the rest of the weekend. I gave myself last night off from tracking, and now I’ve gotta get back on the wagon.

I just logged a 2 point breakfast. 👍🏻

Oh and my husband says he can feel a difference in my body. 🥰

Diet essentials

I feel better prepared now. I have my lunch salad made and ready to grab in the morning. I love the cute little container I bought over the weekend.

I’m going to restart Shakeology tomorrow morning as well.

I’m feeling super motivated!

Now off for my walk.

weigh in day

I’m down 1.6 pounds. Yay! It feels particularly good considering we had that weekend trip to Louisville. I wasn’t perfectly on plan, but I definitely made better choices than I would have previously.

Oh hi, Sunday!

Where did the weekend go? They go by so quickly. Especially now that I don’t take Mondays off anymore. So much to do, so little time.

I’m feeling a little rough today. So tired! Frey and I stayed up until 2:30 am watching Gilmore Girls. At one point she even laid her head on my lap and gave me a cuddle!! Oh and she totally spoiled like the entire series for me – she loves it and just couldn’t stop telling me stuff.  (This is my first time watching it. Still on season 1). Anyway, I finally told her we had to go to bed. I was in bed (next to a snoring Dave) for maybe five minutes when she knocked on the door and told me she was scared. I ended up sleeping in her room, on the floor, because she has a twin sized bed. My poor broken old ass body can’t handle such a thing, and I’m paying for it now. Haha. Totally worth it though. 

Oh to be young again! She was up bright and early this morning and as chipper as ever. I am dragging ass. Getting old sucks. 

I bit the bullet today and weighed myself. 143. That is up from 128 this time last year. So…it’s time to get serious about my diet. Working out on its own just isn’t enough. I have had tons of success in the past with Weight Watchers and so I joined the online program this morning. I’m already feeling so much better about things. I can’t wait to work the program this week and weigh in next Sunday. 

I know what the problem is: D and I have been having way too much fun. Too much eating out. Too much drinking. Too many late night munchie binges. (Apparently, being happy in a relationship is bad for your weight!) But I’m finally ready to get my ass in gear. Fuck this shit. 

It helped (and hurt my feelings like whoa) that the other day my son saw my stomach and actually said, “Hey mom, are you trying to lose some weight? Your stomach looks sort of big.” Man that was rough. Not gonna lie…I was pretty sad that night. Lucky Dave…he got to hear all about it! And don’t worry, I had a serious conversation with Jackson about hurting people’s feelings and keeping certain thoughts to ourselves. I also informed him that if he thinks I’m “fat” then he needs to seriously readjust his expectations of women. 

Interestingly enough, when I asked him if he thought his dad was fat (which he is), Jackson looked at me like I was crazy, like he had no idea what I was talking about. Then it clicked for me: even at the age of six he has been programed to believe that women need to look a certain way.  Some of my own behaviors in the past probably haven’t helped, to be honest. I’m putting an end to that bullshit though. 

Enough about that shit. 

April is going to be such a fun month. I’m bummed we missed out on trivia last night, which was supposed to be the kick start to a fun filled month. This week we have Yoga Buzz. I have a girls night with Danielle. Saturday night is Battlestar Galactica game night! Our anniversary is in a little over a week and we have reservations at a very nice place. I have a happy hour set up with some colleagues. And finally: we are going to Chicago to visit with @talknboutluvdancnboutarktecture and her lovely wife. I am so very ready!

Happy, happy Sunday to you! xoxo