housewife wear

I bought this exercise dress, and wore it for the first time today. I’m in love. 🥰

I see myself becoming one of those housewives who always wears workout clothes. L•O•L

I guess I should invest in some Lululemon?

It’s so comfortable, and surprisingly flattering. I’m def buying another one. Like probably asap. I wore it all day, and then walked 3.5 miles tonight. No complaints. Just saying.


So we all (should) know by now that Covid has ruined fashion. I searched for days for shorts to wear on this trip and all I could find were high waisted mom shorts, like the label actually said “mom shorts.” Against my better judgment, due to desperation, I caved and bought a pair. They’re ugly as fuck, weirdly baggy, and I typically despise high waisted anything, but I must admit these are comfortable as hell. I rolled them because they are an awkward length otherwise.

I think they’re growing on me though. Maybe I’ll get the acid washed ones, too. LOL JUST KIDDING FUCK THAT NOISE.

Smak Parlour, etc

is my current favorite dress designer.

I’ve been picking up as many as I can on Poshmark.

This is also by Smak Parlour –

Love love love.

My current second fave dress designer is LA Soul. Check out this new to me beauty:

Birds!!! ❤️

I think I have five LA Soul pieces. They are so quirky and fun. I have birds, cats, constellation, and math prints. Am I too old to wear that shit at 42? Maybe. Do I give a fuck? Nope!

I have found so many great things on Poshmark and also at Goodwill. It has changed the way I shop. I love finding designers I love and sticking with them. I know how the clothes fit. I know what looks good for my body type. It just works.