I love everything about this night, but my favorite part is when Freya and I crawled around on the floor pretending to be cats. Oh and also brownie cookie dough blizzards.

Dave thinks we are crazy. He doesn’t understand girls. ❤️

I was tagged by a couple of lovely ladies to post six selfies. I decided to pick some I never posted. For obvious reasons. Haha

Highlights –

-The Peabody is gorgeous and we made it downstairs in time to see the duck parade. It was so cute and made us miss the kids.

-Lunch at Blues City Diner. Yum.

-Gibson tour. Dave bought a new bass. Not pictured.

-So much day drinking.

-Shopping at the hotel gift shop.

-indoor pool/hot tub

-I had the most delicious ribs ever at Rum Boogie Cafe. Enjoyed some live music.

-After dinner, we took a 45 minute horse drawn carriage ride around downtown and the river.

-We are exhausted! My gingy is already asleep. Yes, I call him gingy. 💗💗

Memphis bound! We made a stop in Sikeston to check out this place for dinner. It was…interesting. It’s only two hours outside of Saint Louis but it’s so different. Very southern. The accents are cute. We have left Missouri and entered Missourah. Haha

This was me on the way home tonight. I left at 4:15 pm to go get my son. Got home at 7. Fucking snow. 

For @ohmygreyheart: things that make me happy.

*this warm blanket we got in Iceland.
*starting a new book while cozy under my favorite quilt.
*beautiful days that allow for open windows
*pine scented candles
*my beautiful cat
*my beautiful car
*looking at the plans for our new house
*this super fun dress

I spent my Friday night watching people get whipped, spanked, and tied up.