I want to send this to my ex, but I won’t.

I really identified with this. At one point, it was like he was describing my life with my ex-husband. The points contained in this post, especially #3, are realizations I had that finally convinced me I needed to call it quits.

While I am still occasionally sad about it, I have no regrets. Life is too short to spend with someone who makes you unhappy. No matter how much you love them.

Love does not equal compatibility.

Love Is Not Enough



This article is sort of amazing. You should read it. Twice. Because I struggled with going from medical practitioner to patient, not unlike the author, and then I wrestled with the lack of evidence regarding my cancer, my future prognoses, the time I have… I still struggle with that. But this is so beautifully written, eloquent and direct without making you want to jump off a bridge just to get out of this cancer purgatory we all sit in at some point in time. It’s sort of a perfect description of how I feel, most days, at some point in my waking moments. “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

Again, this. 

If you have cancer, read this. If you know or love someone with cancer, read this. If you have no clue, read this…

How Long Have I Got Left?

Thanks to alloftheinbetweens for sharing this with me.  It’s what I’ve been trying to express all month,  but presented much more eloquently.

My favorite part:

So the thought of seeing bra-less women flaunting two body parts that I have lost to cancer – more than I already see this on a regular day – does not feel all that supportive. In fact, it feels quite the opposite.

Please Put That Pink Can of Soup Down and Put Your Bra Back On