I’m on a reblog rampage about this topic. This is a shared post from my friend by her viola teacher. In my own cancer struggle I have met many breast cancer patients on my journey- most of them unfortunately are closer to my age bracket than any other disease. This sentiment is echoed by them as…

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By Erin

A survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 49 percent of Americans say they don’t have enough information on the Affordable Care Act to understand how the law will affect them and their families.

The Affordable…

Everyone should read this. It’s a good explanation of what is about to happen. I feel like ignorance regarding the provisions of this act has a lot to do with the backlash. Instead of listening to politicians and activists who may not (read: prob don’t) have your best interests at heart, read the bill and decide for yourself. Chances are that unless you are a wealthy white male, this act benefits you, and if you are a wealthy white male that has a problem with this act: check your fucking privilege.

Advocating Progress: Breaking Down the Affordable Care Act: Our Top 10 Reasons it May Impact You